Stuudium – terms of use and data collection

Data collection policy

The online study management system and associated services maintain a record of the following data:

  • personal details of students, parents or caretakers and school staff
  • students' grades, appraisals and other comments
  • students' absences and reasons thereof
  • students' exam results
  • any other relevant information pertaining to a person's academic career
  • personal communication of school staff, students and parents
  • study materials and composed works uploaded by students, parents and school staff

In the interests of security and in accordance with the Estonian Personal Data Protection Act (Isikuandmete kaitse seadus) all queries to the system and changes to its data are logged. The log includes all data pertaining to the query, including the timestamp, client IP address and web browser details.

None of the data collected will be made available to third parties except when required by law.

Terms of Service

  • You are only allowed to use the system for its intended purposes.
  • A user account may only be used by its owner.
  • You may not provide a third party with details or methods to access your account such as your password or ID-card.
  • If you knowingly provide a third party with access to your account, you will be held responsible for all actions taken with your account.
  • If it is found that a third party has somehow gained access to your account, you must immediately change your password and notify the system administrator (see “Contact” below).
  • If you notice a bug or system error, please notify us (see “Contact” below).


If you have problems or questions, contact us using your school’s Stuudium Help system. You can find the Help system link on the login page, or in Stuudium’s ≡ menu after logging in.
You can also use the Help system without logging in with a Stuudium accoumt.

If using the help system is impossible, email us at: